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Natural Awakenings Naples and Fort Myers

Activator Chiropractic Method Now Available

Dr. Kristen Sowalsky, chiropractic physician and American College of Sports Medicine health fitness specialist, recently joined Riebesell Chiropractic Center in Naples after three years of practice in Colorado. She specializes in the Activator method, a gentle, low-force technique of which she is an advanced proficiency-rated practitioner.

Adjustments are done in a quick, controlled manner with the hand-held Activator instrument. Designed to realign and restore full motion to specific joints and muscles without adding stress to surrounding areas, Sowalsky says the method is suitable for adults with arthritis, osteoporosis or other bone-weakening conditions, or various joint pains. It can also be used for children, utilizing a special, light instrument setting.

“The gentle nature of the Activator eliminates the fear that some potential patients may have of chiropractic treatments,” adds Sowalsky, who also utilizes traditional techniques. In addition, she provides rehabilitation exercises, nutrition counseling, food allergy testing and physiotherapy, and private personal training sessions.

Location: 1001 Crosspointe Dr., Ste. 1. Phone: 239-592-0304. For personal training sessions, call 239-404-9927.