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Natural Awakenings Naples and Fort Myers

Local Firm Sprouts Nutritious Organics

The Sprout Queen, a Pine Island Botanicals, Inc. partnership, is now offering locally grown, organic wheatgrass, sunflower greens and a variety of other sprouts every Thursday at the Fort Myers Downtown Farmers’ Market and each Saturday at the Alliance for the Arts Green Market, in Fort Myers. Sprouting supplies and organic seeds are also available for individuals who want to grow sprouts at home.

Owner Chris Lindsey notes that sprouting can be done anywhere a person has access to fresh water. “For virtually pennies, you can add multiple times the nutrition of the same-sized serving of cooked vegetables,” she advises. “I’ve had one teaspoon of dry broccoli seed give me just over three ounces—or almost two cups—of sprouts. These raw superfoods can be eaten within a week of soaking the seeds and, as living plants, they have an alkalizing, healthy effect on the body.”

For more info, visit or email [email protected].