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Natural Awakenings Naples and Fort Myers

Special Dental Care for Cancer Patients

A dentist in Naples provides a special program for those dealing with cancer to help fight the ailment, save teeth and bones and feel better emotionally and physically. William E. Lovett, D.D.S., offers Oral Health, Cancer Care and YOU, to help clients deal with the oral side effects of cancer treatment that can affect total body health.

Mouth problems from radiation and/or chemotherapy can include dry and sore mouth and gums, cavities, infections, jaw stiffness and changes in bone structure. Pre-treatments include teeth checking and cleaning, X-rays, application of protective fluoride (extra quantities are supplied for take-home use) and tips on dental care and nutrition.

Lovett, who holds a Doctorate of Dental Surgery degree from Emory University, says battling cancer is a time of severe stress that can cause breakdowns in the body, and that, “Oral health is more important at this time than ever.”

For more info or to make an appointment, call 239-593-4911, visit or email [email protected].