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Letter from Publisher: Health Freedomw

This photo from last year’s July Fourth holiday boat parade on Higgins Lake, in Michigan, made the front page of the local newspaper, thanks to our longtime family friend and reporter Tommy Resnick, who joined our crew that day. I’ve spent my whole life, it seems, hitting the lake for Independence Day festivities. I still feel like the youngster I used to be when diving into its crystal-clear waters and enjoying the lake with my siblings.

Some things from childhood are ever the same, like stopping by the high-dive raft for a swim. But the food packed for boating trips has evolved, reflecting how we feel and want our next blood test to look.

Last year, my blood work revealed I needed to up my healthy eating ante even further. Even though I had honored a mostly organic, gluten-free, dairy-free diet, I was still consuming too much sugar and carbs. My doctor recommended I become even stricter, eliminating all grains and all sugar, plus do a much better job of chewing my food. Newly prescribed supplements included a heavy metal detox.

Today, I can happily report that my blood work is reflecting my improved diet. I’ve even received a green light to treat myself to a little quinoa and rice these days. Hooray!

When I read this month’s Conscious Eating article, “10 Anti-Inflammatory Foods,” by Judith Fertig (page 36), it confirmed again that I’m on the right track. When you consider that inflammation can lead to cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, depression and pain, it just makes sense to choose foods with anti-inflammatory properties to help the body function optimally.

I’m delighted that Melinda Hemmelgarn’s feature article, “Organic Farmers: Growing America’s Health – Restoring the Nutritional Value of Crops,” shows enlightened farmers as active field health research scientists (page 32). They remind us that ultimately, our personal health is linked to the health of the soil our food is grown in.

The Fourth encourages us to never take our freedoms for granted and to remain vigilant in our responsibility to protect them. One way to protect the purity of our food and environment is to educate ourselves and purchase products and services that support the healthiest choices possible. You’ll find plenty of ideas and resources in this month’s issue to help guide you.

Happy summering,


Sharon Bruckman, Publisher