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Natural Awakenings Naples and Fort Myers

Freeman Offers Many Self-Care Modalities

Faith Freeman

Faith Freeman, a certified personal trainer, exercise fitness specialist, MELT instructor and whole health educator who is level one-certified in Neurokinetic Therapy, is providing free introductory 45-minute consultations to explore modalities that she offers in both Collier and Lee counties. Her programs are individualized to fit anyone’s needs.

“I have taught many people how to care for themselves and get rid of ‘stuck stress’ through self-care techniques,” she says. “We [need] to listen to our bodies and address our own needs. One of the biggest issues I see today is the use of painkillers. While nobody wants to be in pain, many don’t realize if you keep dulling the pain with drugs instead of exploring the source of the pain, you’ll never be rid of it.”

She describes the MELT method as a simple self-care tool for long-term wellness that’s easy to learn and helps people remain active, healthy and pain-free for life. She also suggests that clients add exercise to their routine for more energy and better well-being. Freeman has an in-home gym/studio in Fort Myers with a quiet, private environment that is clean with no distractions.  

For more information or a consultation, call 516-398-0016, email [email protected] or visit