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Restorative Health Services Offered in Estero

Anti-aging, regenerative and functional medicine is a specialty that seeks to prevent or alleviate age-related diseases, primarily diabetes, heart disease, strokes, obesity, dementia, gastrointestinal issues, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and cancer. Dr. Teresa Sievers, board certified in the field and owner of Restorative Health & Healing Center, in Estero, utilizes investigative methods including both traditional and more progressive, innovative testing.

One example is nutritional testing, a key component to her approach. By integrating the results, she can identify the cause of both existing and developing conditions, including diabetes and cancer.

“Anti-aging medicine does not look for ‘normal’ when doing tests,” says Sievers. “It looks for ‘optimal’ within the normal range. These [tests] are extremely important, and nutrition is the foundation of everything I do.”

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