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Creating Art of Wellness Lifestyles: Geraldine Novy Helps Others Discover Their Healing Bliss

Sep 01, 2010 04:36PM ● By Linda Sechrist

A sense of freedom and the opportunity to think creatively blew a fresh breath of life into Geraldine Novy’s college years. “Before that, I thought creativity only happened in the art class, and when I left the room, it stayed there,” says the owner of Novy Art & Design, who has been awarded royalties for lighting fixture designs and a patented finish in the home furnishings market, as well as a 2009 “Best of Show” honor from the Naples Art Association. Today, her creativity encompasses both art and nurturing, as she helps others along the path to well-being.

Novy owes her initial awakening to an open-minded journalist who later became her fiancé. “John taught me to think differently and as a result, my sense of self and self-esteem blossomed, along with my creativity,” advises Novy, who discovered her bliss in her love of art. “Finding your bliss sets you free to become your authentic self, which is what I teach my clients today.”

Although Novy has left her successful 20-year design role behind to become a registered holistic nurse (RHN), her life as an artist continues to thrive. Involved in the Arts in Healing program at Naples Community Hospital before becoming an RN, she now works at North Naples Hospital and offers her services to individuals and communities, addressing broken hearts (due to loss, grief, stress, pain or depression), high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol.

As an RHN with experience in a medical/surgical telemetry unit, Novy educates clients about emotions and how they can contribute to the disease process. Her analytical problem-solving days as an industrial designer serve her well in both her healthcare profession and her arts-in-healing business. “I had to understand materials before I could create something with them,” she explains. “And, from all my past experiences, I can now not only understand the sense of freedom I find in art, but also the disease process and how to integrate creativity to make a difference in someone else’s life.”

From Novy’s point of view, anyone can create. She proves that with a nurturing care plan and guidance that focuses sometimes on technique and other times on expression of self. Through art and a mind-body-spirit approach, Novy explores the more complex issues of the human heart. “My creative approach enhances self-esteem and cultivates a greater freedom, which evolves through love of self and in the beauty of the created work,” notes Novy.

It is the discovery of bliss and the essence of freedom that is self-satisfying, leaving the client with a desire to return again and again to their chosen form of self-expression. “Sometimes, clients achieve a decrease in their medication dosage, or their compulsion to smoke, drink, shop or gamble,” advises Novy, whose PINWHEEL lecture series covers health, home, image, nutrition, fitness and companions. Custom presentations are designed to appeal to individual audiences, whether a club, business, community meeting or healthcare facility. “I collaborate with my sister, who was also a designer, and now is a registered holistic nurse,” says Novy. “We present concepts of care that create ‘The Art of Wellness’ lifestyle.”

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