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Feminine Energy Rising

Thinking about honoring women, and especially mothers, this month brings to mind courageous female role models that have inspired and empowered my journey.

Oprah Winfrey is one of them, and arguably among the most influential women in modern times. Her acceptance speech as the first black woman to receive the 2018 Golden Globe Cecil B. DeMille Award moved many and brought hope that a new day is dawning.

“What I know for sure is that speaking your truth is the most powerful tool we all have,” said Winfrey. She acknowledged the population of women that have felt strong and empowered enough to finally speak up and tell their stories of surviving sexual and violent assault and abuse of position, as evidenced in the Me Too (#MeToo) and supportive Time’s Up movements. Such stories transcend gender, culture, politics, religion and employment.

It’s obvious that the historic power imbalance between men and women isn’t working. As one of my spiritual teachers says about playing small, “The gig’s up!” To operate optimally, each of us, man or woman, must necessarily express both masculine and feminine spiritual qualities such as strength, authority, gentleness and love.

Whatever our gender, we can experience a sense of loss of our best self if we disconnect from either our masculine drive, ambition and competitiveness or our feminine nurturing, empathy and creative intuition. Balance is required.

For too long, society has bathed us all in predominately male-derived structures, as clearly evidenced by recent political, social and economic events. Meanwhile, women are only beginning to realize the vast scope of their full potential to enhance the health of organizations, communities and the world.

The traditional system is not creating the kind of world most people want to live in: one that is harmonious, fair, equitable and safe. The feminine energy now rising is what the world needs to be able to heal and transform itself before all we hold dear is destroyed.

So how do we all consistently tap into our feminine energy to balance feeling, being, opening, flowing and receiving with the masculine energy of doing, giving, planning and decision-making? Feminine energy is receptive while masculine energy is action-oriented, and both are essential. Overdoing one at the cost of the other isn’t healthy for anyone. Viewing my own life as a businesswoman, mother and homeowner, I understand firsthand how multitasking modern women can end up overdosed with masculine energy.

The month of May with its spring flowers, birth of wildlife, softer weather and designated day to honor mothering of all kinds can help guide us. Connecting to the feminine energies of the universe while relearning how to be open and humble, yet strong and resilient at the same time teaches us how to be in relationship with ourselves and the world. When we first notice any imbalance is the best time to rebalance, often through self-care and stopping to receive the sweet fragrances of life all around us.

Let’s look for more opportunities this month to celebrate our loving connections with mothers, sisters, girlfriends, women mentors and the humble, open-hearted men that understand the value of true womanhood.

To truly healthy women and men everywhere,

Sharon Bruckman

Sharon Bruckman, Publisher