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Letter from Publisher: Spreading Light

Caught up in adult practicalities of both working and preparing for the holiday season, I often struggle with how to recapture the youthful magic, wonder and excitement I felt as a child.

This time of year also prompts me to reflect on how I might be a brighter beacon of light dispelling darkness. Jacob Liberman’s article “Light As Our Essential Nature,” on page 38, resolved the challenge of how to renew my childlike awe. His insights yield an amazing perspective—that each of us is a living photocell, light is the foundation of everything that exists and we each have within us the luminous intelligence of the universe as our GPS system.

In December’s special feature, “A Global Wake-Up Call: Collective Consciousness Nears Spiritual Tipping Point,” Linda Sechrist interviews leading luminaries of the human potential movement to bring helpful insights into our true nature. We realize how living as conscious, awakened beings not only determines our personal happiness, but also helps address issues facing humanity. Read more on page 36.

I see the holiday table as a sacred space, shared with family, friends and strangers, and look for ways to contribute to conversations in authentic and loving ways. It’s a potential barometer of how bright my inner light can shine. I’ve noticed that when I drop the idea that people must agree about issues to connect, it allows me to invite a sense of mutual curiosity into the dialogue. I can still feel centered in my world, while others’ worlds are vastly different from mine. I’ve found that as I open up to what’s most important to me and share my true self, others feel safe to do likewise; we often discover that at heart, what we all want is to feel happy and loved.

Sharing healthy food with those I love is a top priority for me at holidays. I look forward to trying some of the recipes from Judith Fertig’s “Simple Sheet Pan Suppers: Family-Pleasing Holiday Meals,” starting on page 30.

When it comes to shopping for gifts, I find it highly enjoyable to visit the types of feel-good retail stores you’ll find on page 40. Whether seeing what jewelry or crystal stones call out to me, smelling healing essential oils or holding a soft, organic, cotton robe, I feel good knowing I am giving thoughtful gifts while supporting our local economy.

The holidays provide us with ample opportunities to open our hearts wide and to sing, dance and appreciate having each other in our lives. Acknowledging and sharing our gifts with others, especially those that could use a helping hand, is what the season is all about.

Our Natural Awakenings family wishes you and yours magical holidays filled with love, laughter and joy. Make it so!

Sharon Signature

Sharon Bruckman, Publisher