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Letter from Publisher: Celebrating 25 Years

I’m getting asked more lately when I’m going to retire, especially from friends in my age group who all seem to be enjoying the freedom of retirement. Although I tell them I’d like to slow down, the truth is my why is still bigger than my why not.

I was recently reminded in Simon Sinek’s book Start With Why how important it is to clarify and understand our purpose—our why—not only for ourselves, but for communicating to the world. It is our inspired higher purpose, our cause or our belief that truly drives us in all endeavors.

The why that has been keeping me on purpose can be found in the same mission statement that inspired me to create Natural Awakenings 25 years ago this month: to inspire and empower people to awaken to their highest potential, so together we can create a world that works for all living things.

It continues to propel me today, steering through some very rough waters and difficult passages during a quarter century at the helm of our franchised family of 70-plus publishers.

During that time, both Collier and Lee counties have doubled in population, and red tide and toxic algae are painful reminders of a delicate ecosystem that needs our help. The critical issues we now address in Natural Awakenings—like genetically modified foods and climate change—were just emerging in serious public discourse then, but have since grown in urgency.  

The good news is that in the past 25 years, viable solutions in renewable technologies, organic farming methods and holistic health care practices have made great strides; now they just have to be implemented on grander scale. You’ll find the best of them represented in Natural Awakenings each month.

Infinite thanks go to our advertisers for their loyal support that makes publishing this free monthly magazine possible, and for sharing their passion-driven products and services with our community.

Deep appreciation extends to our entire Natural Awakenings staff, several of whom have steadfastly accompanied me for many years. It’s your love, commitment and stellar gifts and talents that bring all the pieces together each month and keep us delivering our best.

Kudos to our widespread publishers that listened to their calling to join us and work so hard in their communities to raise awareness. I am in awe of their dedication and purpose.

Here’s to living your inspired higher purpose—your why—in 2019, and feeling blessed the way I have for the past 25 years. Thank you, dear readers for picking up Natural Awakenings each month and joining nearly three million kindred spirits in this journey.

Happy New Year,

Sharon Signature

Sharon Bruckman