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Letter from Publisher: The Discipline to Live Your Dreams

As I was flipping through the proof pages of this month’s edition I was overcome with a huge wave of gratitude and awe of all the players and pieces that contributed to bringing you our March issue.

I took some time to look at and appreciate each advertisement and piece of information on every page and felt the energy, passion and commitment of those that offered their unique talents and gifts to contribute to someone else’s life. By the time I was finished, my heart was wide open and I was feeling the love!

Many of the smiling faces on these pages have helped me along the way on my journey these past 25 years, and I’ve shared in their stories. It's always been so inspiring to hear about how they found their calling and to discover why they are so passionate about their special contribution to the world.

I found my way to successful business strategist and entrepreneur May McCarthy’s work this past year when challenged with some business decisions of my own. Her book, The Path to Wealth, offers a seven-step system to create a life that we love.

Along the way I've encountered similar programs that share a common thread: discipline, which often involves writing in my morning journal. Interestingly the results always seem to be tied to my level of dedication in adhering to the recommended practices.

This past month I started the well-known Julia Cameron 12-week course, “The Artist’s Way,” with Patrick Ziegler at Unity of Naples. The major cornerstone of the course, designed to unleash a fuller expression of my creative self, is writing three pages every morning before doing anything else. Now midway through the course, I can report that I’m beginning to notice some new stirrings and openings.

When it gets down to it, discipline is key to having the things we want the most in our lives. It takes discipline to show up on my yoga mat when I'd rather be doing something else. Eating foods that I know best contribute to my health and well-being often requires planning ahead and the discipline to pass over more convenient choices. The discipline of bringing awareness to my thoughts, words, and actions have life-changing benefits.

We often might think, “That didn’t work for me,” when actually we didn’t hang in long enough to firmly plant the new discipline in our lives to see real results.

I invite you to take the opportunity this month to get in touch with what you really want to create in your life, and whether you are willing to practice the discipline needed to make it happen. As always, Natural Awakenings offers plenty of guideposts and support to help steer you on the path to a more authentic, conscious  expression of who you are.

Many Blessings,

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Sharon Bruckman