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Natural Awakenings Naples and Fort Myers

Biological Dentists Located in SouthWest Florida

Local dentists such as Roger Pint, DMD, owner of Bonita Dental, in Bonita Springs, and Mark Corke, DDS, owner of Laser Dentistry, in Fort Myers, and his partner Diane Deacon, DDs, who get to the root causes of oral health challenges, are well-trained sleuths that keep the bigger picture in mind when maneuvering and accessing hard-to-reach areas inside the mouth. Their practices are frequently geared toward preventing future dental problems.

Bonita Dental, 9200 Bonita Beach Rd., Ste. 111, Bonita Springs. 239-676-8730.

Laser Dentistry, 1550 Matthew Dr., Fort Myers. 239-936-5442,

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Whole-Body Dentistry: Biological Dentists Get to the Root Causes

Biological, holistic dentistry uses preventive measures and minimally invasive approaches to address root causes, providing a less-toxic and safe experience for oral care and overall health. Read More ยป