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Sleep Like a Yogi: Yoga Nidra Workshop

Beginning November 6, Access Holistic Healing & Hypnosis, in Bonita Springs, will offer a series of presentations and workshops that promote natural healing of the mind, body and spirit. The first in the series is a yoga nidra workshop by "wholistic" wellness specialist Yvette Sechrist McGlasson, who teaches yoga nidra at NCH wellness centers in Naples.

“The series is intended to enhance the numerous new and previous services that we are able to offer at our new location in Bonita Springs. This beautiful, spacious floorplan feels more like a spa with a boutique, dry salt booth, infrared sauna, yoga room, massage room, IV infusion room and other wellness services such as the customized meditation and hypnosis that I previously offered at my other location,” says Michelle Durham, Access Holistic Healing & Hypnosis owner.

Yoga Nidra – Sleep Like a Yogi

The two-hour workshop from 9 to 11 a.m. on November 6 includes an intention-creating session, along with some simple yoga postures guided by Robert McGlasson, E-RYT, to get the energy moving in the body before the yoga nidra experience. No yoga or meditation experience is necessary. 

What Sets Yoga Nidra Apart from Other Forms of Meditation 

While there are many downloadable meditations and meditation apps on the market, as well as YouTube videos, none explain how intention and meditation work together in everyday life. Without a deep understanding of how intention and meditation impact the mind and body, any meditation practice may not be sustainable and life-changing. 

“Only an experienced and skilled meditation teacher who guides you to transformational moments when body, mind, heart and soul become one can share the secrets of why and how meditation is the balm that soothes the soul, clears the energy channels of the body and creates a major paradigm shift in your life,” says McGlasson, a transformational coach for individuals seeking personal growth and creating sustainable health and wellness habits.

Meditation is not meant to be work. Rather it's meant as a "remembering", a return to the grace that lies within every human being. Sleep like a yogi. Learn the skills to have a sustainable meditation practice and create deep, permanent shifts in life.

The workshop is limited to 10 individuals. A love donation is suggested. Access Holistic Healing & Hypnosis is located at 27975 Old 41 Rd., Ste. 200, in Bonita Springs. RSVP to 239-301-3501. For more information on the workshop, email [email protected].