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Myths About Hormone Vindication Resolved

Individuals that attend Dr. Lindsey Berkson’s Hormone Vindication presentation at Food and Thought in Naples on October 26 at 6 p.m. will hear how misinformation abounds not only in politics, but also in medicine, especially in the field of hormones. Berkson, who practices at The Naples Center for Functional Medicine, is a former distinguished hormone scholar at Tulane University School of Medicine’s environmental estrogen think tank in New Orleans, where she worked with two top scientists that discovered the first two hormone receptors. “After I wrote Hormone Deception, one of the first breakthrough books on hormone disruptors, I was invited by them. My book is now used as a textbook in numerous colleges and universities," she says.

“Most of what doctors learn in medical school about hormones is wrong, especially in relationship to cancer," notes Berkson. “Cancer is multifaceted and the many toxic endocrine disrupting chemicals, such as BPA from plastics, play a part in even in children and teens. At my recent presentation for the North Carolina Integrative Medical Society regarding the vindication of estrogen, especially in high-risk patients such as those with breast cancer, I presented the results of 41 studies conducted at such prestigious institutions as The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center and Harvard Medical School. The female breast cancer patients were given estrogen after their treatment and went on to have less recurrence and fewer deaths. Even if they had recurrences, they had a much higher quality of life.”

According to Berkson, a continuing education professor for doctors and pharmacists, many doctors and patients incorrectly think that hormones cause or drive cancer, or they don’t believe in them. “Not only is this mindset unfair for patients, it’s also physiologically and scientifically inaccurate. Hormones are the most powerful physiological signaling molecules in our body. They rule our brains, gut, kidneys, blood vessels and even our vocal cords,” says the author of 21 books focused on hormones, antiaging and medical nutrition, particularly for breast cancer survivors.

Admission is free. Food & Thought is located at 2132 Tamiami Tr. N., in Naples.