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The Physician of the Future

‘We  Exist  in  Direct  Proportion  to  the  Amount  of  Chaos that We Can Sustain and Dissipate’ 

Ilia Prigogine said this upon accepting the 1977 Nobel Prize in Chemistry. Life is a constant battle against chaos. The only place where order arises spontaneously from chaos is inside living cells. Our cells are dissipative systems. Due to their intensive storage of photons coming from photosynthesis, their energy is so far removed from thermodynamic equilibrium that the second law of thermodynamics and thus the chaos principle become invalid. The only possible explanation for the high energy in the cells is their intense photon storage and amplification. If we feed on living plants that use photosynthesis, order and regeneration arise. If we feed ourselves with inanimate food, our cells degenerate and aging occurs. In addition, it has been scientifically proven that the intestinal flora has a considerable influence on our psyche and emotions. 

World history was a constant alternation of order and chaos and frequently reflected people’s degree of health. If we order the inside of our cells, not only our biological system, but also our minds are in greater harmony and healthy people do fewer unreasonable things. “Mens sana in corpore sano est.” (A healthy mind exists in a healthy body.) (

The Physician of the Future

At the peak of his life's work, Dr. Maximilian Bircher-Benner wrote the book The Physician of the Future. It is an autobiographical work by a great doctor who healed thousands of people and saved many lives; the description of the life of a doctor who always devoted his life to the search for truth and to encouraging humanity in the world around him. Studying his career can be fascinating for any reader. It’s a textbook describing a new kind of humanity and will be of interest for every young doctor as well as for nurses, lay individuals and, in fact, everyone who is professionally involved in dealing with people. It shows how to prevent illness and to attempt to cure the ills of humanity. It’s a book that it is certainly well worth reading.

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A fundamental goal of the Maximilian Bircher Foundation is the promotion of research work to bridge the gap between conventional medicine and scientifically based regulatory naturopathy.