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Healthy Summer Skin: Local Experts Share Tips

Jun 30, 2022 01:39PM ● By Linda Sechrist

Carrying out a good skincare routine to maintain the skin’s natural beauty might seem to an individual like the concept of the comedy film Groundhog Day. We wake up, perform the same ritual every morning and repeat at night. Additionally, while sleeping, the body carries out its own repetitive functions to repair its largest organ. For keeping skin supple and glowing during Southwest Florida’s hot and humid summers, Natural Awakenings queried local day spa estheticians, as well as a licensed dietician and functional medicine nutritionist, Dee Harris. 

D-Signed Nutrition, Bonita Springs

As much as the health of our skin depends on how we care for it externally, skin tone, firmness and smoothness also require good nutrition, enough sleep and reduced stress. “What we eat and how we live determines how we look,” says Harris, who shares the beauty secrets she offers her clients. “Hydration, eat good fats, eat in color, take the appropriate supplements, avoid simple carbs and sugary items, exercise, sleep, protect the skin against UVA/UVB rays with sunscreen, practice stress management and never smoke.” 

Regarding supplements, Harris advises, “Nutritionally, glowing skin is as easy as drinking plenty of water, eating protein (amino acids), healthy fats and foods containing vitamin C, B, A and E, as well as the minerals zinc, copper and selenium. A fresh complexion is largely due to antioxidants which decrease the skin’s sensitivity to the sun.”

A seasonal change with more intense UVB sun rays, which have a harsher effect on the outer skin layers, causes the skin to burn and appear tan, causing aging of the skin. This shows up as brown spots, loss of skin elasticity and wrinkling. To counter these, Jennifer Alvarez Linguidi, owner of Purely You Spa’s two locations in Naples, emphasizes the importance of sunscreen. She offers several sunscreen tips.

Jennifer Alvarez Linguidi, Purely You Spa, Naples

“Always use a sunscreen with a minimum of a 30 Sun Protection Factor (SPF) to protect you from the UVA aging and UVB burning rays of the sun. It’s important to reapply every 40 minutes to truly protect your skin from the sun. Additionally, ensure that your makeup isn’t too heavy, as it is excessively hot and humid outside and your skin needs to breathe,” says Linguidi, who recommends a daily routine of cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. To take the skin to the next level, she recommends adding exfoliating at least three times a week, followed by a customized and targeted masque for five to 10 minutes. Then apply a daily serum before moisturizing.

Connie Didier, Organic Skincare & Bodyworx, Naples

Southwest Florida’s hot and humid summers and sweating go together like Wonder Woman and justice. “When we sweat, the skin produces more oil,” says Connie Didier. “Using a foaming cleanser and refreshing herbal toner with rose or calendula to provide a layer of protection helps to keep skin cool, fresh and hydrated. All products should be alcohol-free, organic and plant-based. It’s also important to protect and moisturize the eyelids and under the eyes—areas sensitive to sun,” says Didier, who also recommends wearing a hat to protect the scalp. “Instead of a lotion sunscreen that must be reapplied every 2 hours, we sell minerals that protect the skin all day. There are only four ingredients in the minerals and you can go into the pool or ocean with them on. They won’t come off if you don’t rub a towel over your face.”

Ranita Kirshon, Trim & Tone Med Spa, Naples

Although sunshine helps the body produce vitamin D, boosts mood and strengthens immunity, protection from damaging UV rays that can cause skin cancer is necessary. “Every day of the year I use a tinted liquid mineral SPF 50 daily sunscreen with zinc oxide that creates a sunscreen barrier blocking UV rays by absorbing and reflecting them away from my skin. Once, mineral sunscreens left a thick white residue. Today’s mineral sunscreens with zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide are gentle, lightweight and non-greasy,” says Kirshon.

While most individuals avoid skincare procedures during summer months, Kirshon recommends a monthly facial, as well as a BioRePeel series that doesn’t cause photosensitivity, especially on tender skin. “It’s a safe peel, which can be done once a week to reduce lines, wrinkles and dark spots, as well as increase luminosity,” she advises.

Doreen DeStefano, Root Causes, Fort Myers

Freshening up before a summer special under the stars event can be done with just one session under the Lumiere lamp. “The Lumiere system offers the best results after a series of sessions. A once-per-week treatment is all it takes to trigger the collagen production process, promote DNA repair and help the skin appear stronger and more resilient,” says DeStefano, the owner of Root Causes. The system decreases fine lines and wrinkles, detoxifies the skin, evens out pigmentation, increases serotonin levels, minimizes facial pores and moisturizes dehydrated skin so that skin can retain moisture naturally—something it really needs during summer months.

Protecting the skin and getting a gorgeous summer glow is not an oxymoron. Simply following the advice of experienced estheticians and a wise nutritionist make both possible at the same time. 

D-Signed Nutrition, 3531 Bonita Bay Blvd., Ste. 300, Bonita Springs; 239-676-5249,

Purely You Spa, 3066 Tamiami Tr. N., Ste. 30; 7935 Airport Rd., Ste. 207, 210, 211, 213, Naples. 239-331-8266.

Organic Skincare & Bodyworx, 13240 Tamiami Tr. N., Ste. 207, Naples. 239-514-4494.

Trim & Tone Med Spa, 3020 Livingston Rd., Ste. 16, Naples. 239-596-5522.

Root Causes, 12734 Kenwood Ln., Unit 84, Fort Myers. 239-347-9234.