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Ozone Therapy Available at Home

Aug 30, 2022 05:02PM ● By Sue Mahany

Dr. David Minkoff, director of the Lifeworks Wellness Center, in Clearwater, Florida, says, “If nature designed a single antidote to illness, it is probably ozone. If there is a natural performance enhancer and tonic to support healthy cell function, then that is also ozone.” With the uncertain path that variants of the COVID virus might take, now may be a good time to learn about the benefits of ozone therapy and how to use a simple home machine to strengthen cellular health.

Affordable and easy to administer, ozone is a gas formed when voltage is added to oxygen (O2), splitting the two oxygen atoms apart, which then reform as O3. Properties of ozone as a therapeutic mimic that of oxygen in the body and include reducing viruses, bacteria, molds and parasites, as well as increasing circulation, enhancing the immune system, increasing metabolism and relieving pain.

Frank Shallenberger, M.D., is a pioneer in the United States on the clinical use of ozone and wrote the book The Ozone Miracle: How you Can Harness the Power of Oxygen to Keep You and Your Family Healthy, a great resource on the benefits and uses of ozone in getting and keeping the body well.

There are many ways to get ozone in the body, including IV’s at a doctor’s office and ozone saunas that bring ozone in through the skin. For the at-home user of ozone, the three ways to administer ozone are through the ears, vagina and rectum. The entire process takes less than 15 minutes, and once the original equipment is purchased for around $1,000, the only ongoing cost is to refill the oxygen tank, which costs about $25 per year. 

The three companies best known for making ozone equipment for the home are Longevity, Simply O3, and Promolife. Their machines are simple to operate and involve opening up the oxygen valve, setting the flow rate and turning on the power. For ear insufflation (blowing), simply put the stethoscope attached to the machine directly in the ears. For vaginal and rectal insufflation, most people fill a bag with ozone and then assume a comfortable position in order to push the ozone from the bag into the body.

Maximizing self-care hacks during these uncertain times is a great idea, and ozone is an affordable, powerful tool to integrate into any plan. Become educated about the benefits and reach out to the companies that make the machines to get information on protocols and equipment.

Sue Mahany is an educator of unique and powerful approaches to self-care and owner of, in Naples, which specializes in whole body detoxification. For more information, call 802-752-6342. See ad page 27.