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Natural Awakenings Naples and Fort Myers

Gain Spiritual Growth at House of Spirits

The House of Spirits Mystical Botanika, in Fort Myers, offers group and private classes, and special events such as meditation, healing and spiritual development. The shop also carries many spiritual art pieces, books, products and supplies. 

“Spiritual growth is an inner process of removing obsolete ideas and habits, wrong concepts and erroneous beliefs and ideas about life,” says owner Shari Rippe-Arjona. “It is a process of widening the horizons of your consciousness and understanding some inner truths. It is not so much a process of growth as a process of widening your awareness, opening your mind and seeing life from a wider perspective. Though all religions speak about spirituality, this concept does not belong exclusively to any religion or tradition. You don’t need to belong to engage in the process of spiritual growth. In fact, the more free your mind is from any concepts, the easier it is to make progress. This process is beneficial for all people, religious or secular, people living an ordinary live and achievers in all areas of life. It benefits everyone.”

Location: 12995 S. Cleveland Ave., Ste. 108. For more information and class registration, call 239-362-0628, email [email protected] or visit See ad on page 46.

House of Spirits Mystical Botanika - 12995 S Cleveland  Suite 108 Fort Myers FL

House of Spirits Mystical Botanika - 12995 S Cleveland , Suite 108, Fort Myers, FL

About the House Welcome, Bienvenidos, Salamalekum & Namaste! The House was built on the foundation that everyone who comes inside feels welcomed and at peace. This is a non-judgm... Read More »