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Upgrade Your Life in 2023

Dec 29, 2022 12:49PM ● By Sharon Bruckman

We can all use an upgrade once in a while. I just got the latest iPhone. That was easy, but on a personal level, making changes—even positive ones—can be more challenging. Ringing in the new year prompted me to pinpoint areas of my life that could use improvement. 

Years ago, I learned about the Wheel of Life Template used by life coaches to help clients evaluate their level of satisfaction in different areas of their lives. The template is easily found on the internet to do our own assessment, although using a life coach brings added support and accountability. 

The self-rating scale allows us to measure how we feel about different areas of our lives such as health, career, money, spirituality, relationships and more. Once finished, a visual picture of any neglected or out-of-balance areas that need more attention is formed.

I consider my health the ultimate driver of the other areas of my life. The better I feel, the more energy I have for everything else. Luckily, in my early 20s I learned a lot about the importance of pure, natural food and healthy eating, which has supported my health throughout the years, although there is always room for improvement. I’m not as disciplined as I was then, still busy working and on the go, and often don’t take the time to prepare the most nutritious foods for myself. 

My action steps for the new year include planning ahead for the week and preparing more salads and dishes that are ready to go or need less preparation and eliminating foods with sugar in them. Even though experts recommend fasting one day a week for its many health benefits, I haven’t practiced fasting in years, but now I’ve committed to giving it a try to see how it feels; perhaps it will help with my brain fog. 

Assessing the exercise segment of my Wheel, it’s clear that sitting way too much at my computer is taking a toll. Longer breaks and more movement is once again on my new-year plan. Although I manage to make it to two or three yoga classes a week and a weekly weight training session, am I getting enough of the recommended cardio? It’s on the list, but I admit I don’t have a solid plan in place yet. 

Beyond the physical, my examination of the other segments on my Wheel of Life include making more time for creative and spiritual pursuits, and spending more time with friends and family. 

Being open to living an extraordinary life usually means stepping out of our comfort zones and questioning how our belief systems may be limiting us. Being in constant gratitude for the beautiful world around us and sending love everywhere we go also has tremendous health and well-being benefits, while creating a better world to live in. 

I invite you to step into this new year with renewed hope, clear intentions and a “can-do” attitude to live the life of your dreams. Remember, it’s the little steps that make the difference. 

Here’s to a healthy and beautiful 2023,

Sharon Bruckman