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Natural Awakenings Naples and Fort Myers

Sharpe Provides Biofeedback and Healing Energy

Cynthia Sharpe, owner of Cynchronisity Biofeedback and Healing Energy Work, in Naples, is providing free initial consultations toward conducting biofeedback sessions that can help clients deal with the many stressors from environmental, school, work and family relationships. Her work, which can assist individuals and families in seeking improved relationships and feeling calmer to engage and support others, is being offered both in-person and on a remote telehealth basis, and is covered by HAS/FSA. Sharpe, a certified biofeedback specialist who has also provided services in chiropractic offices, also brings previous medical sales experience in respiratory and sleep equipment products to assist in addressing sleep issues and concerns which also affect and exacerbate anxiety and depression. Further, her previous work as an additional needs parent and caretaker brings compassion and understanding to her services.

 “Our culture is cultivating stress,” she says. “By affecting one individual to feel more in balance, calmer and aware of what causes their stress, the residual effect becomes impressive as they begin to spread more calm and balance into their surrounding relationships and environment. When the body is less stressed, the body can heal and the mind can think. Each individual wants to focus their energy in the most positive way. Sometimes, we need the tools and the awareness of how we’re spending our energy.” Location: 501 Goodlette Rd. N., Ste. D101.

For more information or arrange for a consultation or a session, call 239-298-6969, email [email protected] or visit See Resource Guide listing, page 46.