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Show the World a Fresh Face and a Beautiful Hairstyle for 2023

Dec 30, 2022 01:25PM ● By Savannah Noir

Women all over the globe continue to use the Queen of Color, Carole Jackson’s book, Color Me Beautiful: Discover your Natural Beauty as a guide for looking great and feeling fabulous, even though it was written in 1980. In what has become a timeless classic for women, Jackson cites a seasonal color analysis for determining the right colors that improve the appearance of skin tone, focusing on makeup that flatters the face. Betty Ann Murphy, owner of Studio 37 Xtreme Lashes & Hair, in Naples, takes Jackson’s formula one step further, focusing on flattering makeovers that include hair color and her own brand of hairstyle science that creates a beautiful frame to any face that shows up in her salon chair. 

After watching a TV program on the anatomical reasons why everyone’s face has some asymmetry, Murphy developed a Facial Symmetry Analysis that takes into consideration measurements from the eyes to the hairline, eyebrows to bottom of nose and nose to chin: three equal thirds. “Symmetry is based on balance. In general, everyone’s best feature is the eyes, considered as the mirrors of the soul. Our personalities come out in our eyes, so it’s natural to want to draw attention to them,” explains Murphy, who agrees with Jackson that skin tone is also a deciding factor for the best hair color.

“A former interior designer that was a client told me, ‘When I walk into a room, I want to think, “Oh what a beautiful room,” not what a beautiful coffee table. This means that people are more attractive when their hair color, makeup and clothes are all within the same color palette. It’s the analogy that I often use to make clients understand what a difference the facial symmetry analysis can make. My heart sings every time a client leaves the salon with a parting remark of, 'I feel like a whole new person.' That’s because inside they feel the difference.”

Murphy says, “With the pandemic that dragged on and Hurricane Ian that devasted our area, women are looking to lift their spirit. The beginning of the year is a good time to start fresh with a new stylish hairstyle, vibrant color, highlights, eyelash extensions or extra-special conditioning treatment that makes the hair shine. It’s a lasting lift that can help women create a whole new image.”

Since the studio’s inception, Murphy has added eyelash extensions and hair removal services to her menu of services.

Studio 37 Xtreme Lashes & Hair is located at 501 Goodlette Rd. N., in Naples. For more information or to make an appointment, call 239-263-5434.