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Reduce Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields with PolarAid Device

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One of the first and most important things we can do to protect our health is to reduce our exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) by taking the protective measures necessary to keep our body and our immune system healthy and strong. The PolarAid disc, which contains the Lakhovsky coil configuration, is a protection device worn on the body that strengthens the body’s ability to withstand EMFs. In 1925, scientist Georges Lakhovsky showed that oscillator circuits consisting of single-turn loop antennas or multi-turn spirals had great healing abilities upon not only plants, but also on animals and humans as well.

There are hundreds of gadgets that can be bought claiming to provide protection against EMFs, but a vast majority of them do nothing. PolarAid, on the other hand, offers an easy and quick way to increase the flow of vital energy into the body, enhancing cell vibration and supporting and strengthening one’s health. It is one of the most potent EMF protection personal tools that should be integrated into everyone’s health product arsenal.

In the spirit of compassion and sharing, PolarAid Health is offering free shipping on all U.S. and Canada orders for the month of December. The PolarAid device is the perfect Christmas gift for anyone seeking greater overall health and well-being.

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