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Natural Awakenings Naples and Fort Myers

Reader Spotlight: Marjorie Ziff-Levine

My work: I work at being a good human.

My proudest achievement: Arriving at 70 years old and finally understanding how, from the time of my early life, my neuro-divergent brain has challenged me, impaired me, inspired me and contributed to who and what I am as a unique individual.

My expectations for the future: I try not to have expectations for the future, as I try instead to find joy and simple pleasures each day that I live on this incredible, awe-inspiring Earth.

My favorite local or global causes supported: Gemstones in the Making, founded by Clarabel Bocanegra, is an amazing charitable organization in Ft. Myers whose mission is to empower young minority women, teens and girls to fulfill their dreams and reach their full potential.

My favorite thing about Natural Awakenings: I enjoy the thought-provoking articles that call upon us to open our hearts and minds to new ways of thinking and being.

Most frequented healthy food restaurant: I find it much healthier to cook and eat at home, where I have control over the quality of ingredients and methods of cooking.

Where I pick up my copy of Natural Awakenings: Anywhere I can.

How I support my community: By participating in local events and supporting charitable endeavors.

My favorite inspirational quote: “You never really know what others may be going through...but we can know, that simply by being kind, we can make a huge difference!” ~ unascribed.

What I am doing to be the change in the world: I continue to educate myself on the historical roots of racism, antisemitism and misogyny, and I try to disseminate relevant information to others with sensitivity and respect when an opportunity presents itself to share.

What I am passionate about that brings me joy: I am passionate about being a kind, giving, compassionate and loving person who derives joy from helping others.

Who my mentors are: My mentors are all the wise and wonderful conscious women in my “chosen” sisterhood who are now spread throughout the country and the world.

What I would like to see in the community: As one of the organizers of the community-wide “Eco-extravaganza” that took place with an impressively large attendance on 10.10.10 at the Mercato, I would love to see a resurgence of an intersectional, well-connected and visibly active network of individuals working to bring about a kinder, gentler future for tomorrow’s children.

What I would like to read about in Natural Awakenings: Ways that we can cooperate and collaborate with one another to come together as a cohesive, unified community bonded together through mutual respect, loving hearts and shared humanity.