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Finding the ‘Om’ in Home

May 31, 2024 01:07PM ● By Eva Sahlin

Om comes to us from the Hindu tradition and is one of the most widely known mantras. Chanting Om is said to purify the space around us and brings clarity and focus while enhancing feelings of happiness and peace. 

The threefold sound A-U-M creates a holy trinity unifying the physical, the non-physical and the Life force itself. Adding the fourth sound of silence changes the geometry of a triangle to a foundational square, the shape that forms the underpinning of our built structures.  

It is with great reverence to this sound - symbol that we call attention to its presence in the word h’om’e. Other than the body we live in, there is nowhere else more sacred than where we dwell. Coming home should always feel like a blessing, a place where you belong, and a return to love.

Long periods of negativity and major upheavals in life can create clouds of dark energy that fill our rooms just as they do our hearts. When we feel “off” or are in a bad mood or a depressed state, we transmit that vibration to the atmosphere around us. 

Space clearing addresses stuck energies, negative vibes and electromagnetic overload. It helps to move the energy back into the stream of life so that our spaces can provide the nurturing environment we want to feel. Finding the ‘om’ in home means returning to a state of peace in body, mind and spirit from where you dwell. 

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