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Studio 37 Xtreme Lashes & Hair The Best Haircut Ever!

Jul 01, 2020 02:13PM ● By Yvette Lynn

After attending hairdressing school twice, first in Massachusetts and later after moving to Nevada as a necessity for securing a license, Betty Ann Murphy, owner of Studio 37 Xtreme Lashes & Hair, in Naples, noticed that something important was missing from the training—how to know which style of haircut is right for the client.

“In school, we spend maybe a half-hour looking at a page in a textbook that illustrates face shapes, but there is no input from the instructor. Even the platform artists at hair shows don’t demonstrate this. It’s not something that’s even offered in our continuing education classes, which do teach us about hygiene and disinfecting. I suspect that since finishing my recent refresher class on hygiene, required for keeping my license up to date, that hairstylists likely know more about the subject than just about any professional that deals with the public,” says Murphy, who once worked in Las Vegas at Caesar’s Palace as a nail technician. 

Working on Diana Ross’ nails while HBO was filming her 1979 concert there, Murphy overheard Ross talking about her frustration that the cameraman was filming her bad side. “It never occurred to me that Diana Ross’ face had a bad side. I thought both sides were the same until I watched a TV program on the anatomical reasons why everyone’s face has some asymmetry,” advises Murphy, who developed a software product called the Facial Symmetry Analysis to help hairstylists choose the most attractive and facial enhancing hairstyle for their client. 

Murphy’s Facial Symmetry Analysis takes into consideration facial measurements from the eyes to the hairline, eyebrows to bottom of nose and nose to chin; three equal thirds. “Symmetry is based on balance. In general, everyone’s best feature is the eyes, considered as the mirrors of the soul. Our personalities come out in our eyes, so it’s natural to want to draw attention to them,” she explains. 

Skin tone is a deciding factor for the best hair color. “A former interior designer that was a client told me, ‘When I walk into a room, I want to think, “Oh what a beautiful room,” not what a beautiful coffee table.”’ This means that people are more attractive when their hair color, makeup and clothes are all within the same color palette,” clarifies Murphy, who feels she’s served her clients well when they walk out of her salon feeling that their new hairstyle and color gave them a new lift. “There’s nothing like hearing someone say, “I feel like a whole new person.” She says.

Location: 501 Goodlette Rd. N., Naples. For more information or to make an appointment, call 239-263-5434.