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Natural Awakenings Naples and Fort Myers

Naples’ Inaugural Green Tent Circle

While the vision for the global Green Tent Circle initiative began in Verona, Italy, it quickly made its way to Naples. From 10 a.m. to noon, December 4, in Naples’ Cambier Park, Southwest Florida’s first Green Tent will inspire women and girls, giving them the encouragement to tell their stories and create actions for bringing about worldwide healing and heart-to-heart connections intended to care for Mother Earth. 

Facilitated by Naples’ resident Janet Weisberg, a Project Nature Connect (PNC) facilitator and educator, attendees will also be given the opportunity to experience how they are connected with nature rather than separate from it via a nonverbal nature connect experience.

The event, which will fly the Green Tent Circle flag, tells women and girls that a sacred circle is open. The flag also represents that circle principles and guidelines (on page xx) will be ensuring a safe, sacred place for sharing stories. The Green Tent flag/logo has the image of a green tent in a pink circle on a background that is color of a new green leaf. This symbolizes turning a new leaf for humanity in forming sacred relationships based on sacred feminine values and circle principles.

Calling two or more women together to dream and plan a Green Tent Circle can be in a tent, a yurt, under a canopy of trees, on a blanket on the ground, in a room in home, church or community center. “Wherever the Green Tent Circle flag is displayed, women and girls, as well as men and boys, know that the circle is open and ready for all who enter,” says Ann Smith, who advises that the Green Tent mission is to inspire women and girls to hold Green Tent Circles to bring about a tipping point of sacred relationships and connections everywhere.

At noon, attendees will connect by Zoom to greet other Green Tent Circles in Italy, Brazil, Germany, Spain and the U.S. Thus everybody is a link to thousands of connections that create other links to more and more connections in a proliferation of Green Tent circles around Mother Earth.

Bring blanket, water, and a paper and pen. Tell others and RSVP to Janet_PeacePrevai[email protected]. To learn more about the global initiative, visit