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May 12 Online Streaming Talk: Light It Up! Your Innate Capacity For Joy

Chief Happiness Mentor of Bliss Revealed, Unmani Saraswati, JD, LLM, teaches the self-paced online program My Bliss Path and livestreams with subscribing members of the Blissverse Locals community. She also offers free videos and blogs at

Today a chief happiness mentor, Unmani draws upon her ongoing study of ancient wisdom concepts and life skills, 20 years of daily mediation practice and her work supporting thousands of clients through mindfulness and education in order to help them bring out their best selves, even in the midst of crisis.

She says, “Every human being has the ability to tap into the wellspring of joy and love at the root of all we experience. We only need to take the same steps that people have taken for eons to discover and perfect the journey of our lives as one of unconditional love. Quoting Eastern philosophy, in Light It Up, we cover three foundational concepts for happiness: primacy of the body, which calls us to take control of our health by ritualizing our self-care habits and skills; live where you’re at, reminding us that the first tenet of any personal development journey is to know thyself; and always be aware of your moment to moment experience, inspiring us to develop mindfulness practices and techniques used throughout the ages to wake us up to the vibrancy and joy available just from being alive."

Unmani enjoyed a very successful 18-year career as a divorce mediator-attorney and law professor. A lifelong student of how to have a vibrant experience of life, she earned her credential as a certified massage therapist from the Institute of Conscious Bodywork in 1997 and graduated from Trika Institute’s seven-year Tantrik Yoga study group program in 2010.

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