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Berman Method Questionnaire Helps Identify Health Risks

Berman Health and Wellness, in Naples, invites readers to take the Berman Method Questionnaire to see if they may have a metabolic disease, thyroid issues, abnormal gut health or systemic inflammation. Filling it out from the website can help participants find out about their risk levels for these concerns and others.

Results can help identify causes of fatigue, poor sleep, abnormal pain or bloating, stubborn abdominal fat, increased stress, headaches, inflammation and more. The practice can then provide actionable tips on making positive changes to address problem areas.

Berman Health and Wellness, owned by Jenni Berman, a certified physician assistant, certified personal trainer and certified nutrition specialist, strives to help clients lose weight if needed and heal guts so needless mediations can be avoided toward achieving the highest quality of wellness.

Location: 501 Goodlette Rd. N., Blng. C, Unit C-202. For more information, call 239-431-0232, email [email protected] or visit