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Reset FX Nutrition- It’s All About a Lifestyle Shift

May 30, 2022 08:36PM ● By Linda Sechrist

Not one to hesitate in seizing a business opportunity, Kareema Baksh, 

an Estero resident since 2010, is in every sense of the word an enthusiastic entrepreneur. A native of Trinidad, where she had a successful career as a pharmacist, Baksh is now a certified functional nutrition coach and the owner of Reset FX Nutrition. Delighted to help individuals that are serious about making lifestyle changes, Baksh says, “I like taking clients from feeling crappy to feeling happy.”

Accustomed to being a business owner with a positive attitude that turns lemons into lemonade, Baksh, the former owner of Rooster’s Men’s Grooming Center, in Naples, discovered the potential for her present career while going through a personal health challenge that required surgery for cancer. “I’ve been cancer-free for five years. Knowing that I had no family history of cancer, the diagnosis became the catalyst for my deep dive into researching the root cause and asking myself questions such as, 'Was it because I was post-menopausal, which affected my hormone levels? Was it the standard American diet?' In Trinidad, we ate differently. Our diet included a large diversity of fresh foods that weren’t genetically modified and weren’t sprayed with chemical pesticides and fertilizers. American-born individuals seem to think that with chemotherapy and surgery, cancer is gone. However, it frequently recurs. This is one of the reasons I like educating women about root causes of health challenges, nutrition and food as medicine, as well as how I can support them in rethinking their lifestyle choices,” says Baksh.

Baksh’s 10-week Reset Lifestyle and Metabolic Program provides clients with a sufficient amount of time to shift the way they think about the foods they eat, experience an increase in their energy and enjoy a new approach to life, appreciate exercise as joyful movement and balance their hormones. “It’s not just about weight loss, although weight comes off as a result of the lifestyle shift,” advises Baksh, who participates in celebrity nutritionist J. J. Virgin’s Mindshare Collaborative, a group of established and emerging health and wellness entrepreneurs that share strategies, struggles, victories and inspiration that help each other grow.

“I like working with entrepreneurial, post-menopausal women struggling to lose weight and feel energetic, especially if they’ve tried everything from ‘eating right’ to exercising daily. They’re always so appreciative and surprised by the results they achieve,” advises Baksh. “Women with challenges such as hormonal imbalances, blood sugar fluctuations and resistant weight loss begin to see changes by simply following some necessary and effective guidelines. It's never my intention to treat any condition that clients present with, but it is my goal to reverse engineer a client's condition by removing whatever is interfering with their health and add what is missing.”

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