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Artful Exteriors Plant Nerds: Really Are the Best

Jun 30, 2022 01:22PM ● By Linda Sechrist

While few individuals describe themselves as a “plant nerd”, Artful Exteriors’ owner Chad Brunette proudly uses the words that might best describe this nationally recognized botanical expert’s superpower and that of several members on his award-winning team. Perusing the photo gallery on, the company’s website, to view examples of the full- service gardening and landscaping company’s aesthetically pleasing designs will confirm for anyone the talents of Brunette and his experienced crew’s abilities to create custom designs that bring enhanced beauty to any residence. 

Nationally recognized for their work on designing botanical gardens, landscapes for city parks, interior and exterior commercial projects, as well as numerous residential escapes, Artful Exteriors is flexible and can design plans for any budget. Their meticulous gardeners can also ensure that all gardens look their finest all year long. “Our staff has worked on projects throughout the United States, in every climate and geographic region, and our designers are available to create custom designs anywhere in the world,” says Brunette.

“My background in botanic gardens, as well as our head designer’s, Lowry Douglas, who also worked at botanic gardens across the country and in England, benefits any client. For example, if someone tells us that they like every color but yellow, they’re only in the home in the summer and want an evening- scented garden, our brains instantly start thinking of all the different plants to use. If you have in mind that one particular thing you must have—fragrant orchids, a theme garden where you only want green and white, or a riot of color, and even a container garden—we know exactly how to put the pieces together to match the dream for your garden. I think our plant nerdiness and our passion for plants and design is what sets us apart from other companies,” advises Brunette who notes that a client’s dream of a garden designed with native and drought resistant plants can also be easily fulfilled.


 Artful Exteriors is a design, installation and maintenance company, which offers mowing, tree trimming and irrigation as well.

Artful Exteriors is located at 2338 Immokalee Rd., Ste. 358, in Naples. For a free consultation and quote, call 239-221-8385.