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The Latest in Medical Nutrition Therapy Diagnostic Tools

Aug 30, 2022 04:56PM ● By Dionne M. Fleming

Recent advances in science have promoted the development of diagnostic tools allowing for personalized nutrition interventions. Metabolomics and nutrigenics/nutrigenomics are emerging sciences in precision nutrition which support practitioners in determining the interventions necessary for personalized medical nutrition therapy (MNT). These tools in the hands of practitioners such as Dionne M. Fleming at D-Signed Nutrition, in Bonita Springs, are helping patients prevent and manage chronic health conditions. 

In 2003, the 13-year Human Genome Project culminated with the full sequencing of the human genome, rendering the data set complete. In 2004, the Human Metabolome Project was launched to identify all human metabolites. There are currently 220,945 in the Human Metabolome Database and the number continues to rise. 


Organic acids are a class of metabolites that result from the digestion and absorption of macronutrients (proteins, fats and carbohydrates). In 1970m the first documentation of organic acid in the urine was significant for its ability to detect metabolic dysfunction associated with gut microbial composition. Metabolomics as a personalized approach for the diagnosis of gastrointestinal (GI)-related conditions. 

The kidneys efficiently excrete organic acids through the urine. This explains why urine is  preferred over other body fluids for testing purposes. Organic acid tests analyze urinary metabolites to detect abnormalities which may affect health status. This can include GI conditions such as irritable bowel disease, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, Candida, colitis and small intestinal bacterial overgrowth.


Introduced in 1975, nutrigenetics describes how an individual’s genetic profile influences the use of dietary components via absorption, metabolism and site of action. Because multiple genes are often involved, and the complexity and diversity of environmental factors have a significant impact on clinical conditions, MNT should not be limited to only nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics.


Introduced in 2001, nutrigenomics describes how dietary components affect health status by altering our individual genetic structure. Genetic testing can be complete quickly and easily via companies such as and by acquiring a saliva sample at home. Results in the form of raw data are returned, then uploaded into a third-party platform which produces a report presenting the individual’s specific health-related information. Although DNA interpretive platforms are backed by scientific data, they still require a significant amount of analysis and clarification by the provider and practitioner. 

Additional MNT practices which may be used for further exploration include a comprehensive blood panel, micronutrient analysis, a DNA-based stool test and a dried urine test for comprehensive hormones among others. For best results, schedule a comprehensive assessment with a licensed dietitian-nutritionist.

Dionne M. Fleming, registered dietitian, licensed dietitian-nutritionist and certified personal trainer, practices medical nutrition therapy at D-Signed Nutrition, located at 3531 Bonita Bay Blvd., Ste. 300, in Bonita Springs. For appointments or more information, call 310-927-8274 or visit See ad, page 27.

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