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Natural Awakenings Naples and Fort Myers

Energy Spa

Zel Rau, owner of Energy Spa, in Naples, was captivated by reiki from the first time she tried it a decade ago. Fascinated by the results she felt from reiki sessions—more focus, more energy and more balance—Rau decided she wanted to know more about the gentle, but effective alternative healing therapy. She took classes, got certified and began practicing reiki on friends and family.


Opening Energy spa in Naples is the fulfillment of a dream for Rau, who later became certified in other forms of energy work that she tried. “I always used myself as an experiment first. When I saw that the therapy proved effective, I got trained to facilitate them,” says Rau, who offers many different energy healing and balancing modalities.


Reiki restores the flow of energy to the body and has been known to reduce pain and stress, speed up recovery, induce relaxation and balance energy centers. It also can remove energetic blockages that can turn into illness or disease. Starting in December, Energy Spa will be offering limited sessions of Sunset Reiki on the balcony.


Biofield tuning rejuvenation is a healing modality that uses tuning forks in the body's energy field. This therapy, which affects accumulated trauma in the body, can alleviate pain, stress, anxiety, depression and more. This service is offered in person or remotely via Zoom.


Bio-Well wellness scan is state-of-the-art, scientifically proven device that gives a visual view of the energy centers (chakras) alignment, the location of energy blocks, and how high or low specific parts of our body/organs are energetically supported. Science has shown that disruption starts first in the energy field before the physical body gets sick. Therefore, the healthy energetic field will always equal a healthy body, free of disease and emotional imbalance.


With this session, clients get a customized sound file generated to help balance their energy centers. In addition, they will receive a practitioner-suggested energy healing modality and a Bio-Well-generated report for their personal use. Bio-Well does not diagnose, but monitors the bodies energetic flow.


Energy Spa also offers crystal light therapy, using crystals invented by Marcel Vogel, who shaped his first crystal according to the tree of life. All services are meant to relax, balance and rejuvenate the body and mind. Rau doesn’t diagnose but rather acts as a guide for the client’s best health.


Energy Spa is located at 7935 Airport Rd., Wellness Ste. 214, in Naples. To book an appointment, visit