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Naples Family Dentist: Biological Dentistry and Total Body Wellness

"An artist of the smile and a physician of the mouth," is how Paul Mabe, DDS, describes himself. The biological, cosmetic and restorative dentist, who owns Naples Family Dentist, also believes that the mouth is a gateway to total body wellness. “Up to 70 percent of chronic illnesses are linked to interferences in the mouth. Your oral health can affect how you feel physically, emotionally and spiritually,” says Paul.

Yvette Mabe, RDH, a licensed oral health professional, is a practicing holistic dental hygienist who shares Paul's passion for the biologic approach in treatment. Working together as a team for more than 30 years, they understand issues and concerns their patients experience and focus on a biologic approach to help them achieve smile rejuvenation, employing natural processes that minimize toxic load on the body. 

Their approach with holistic and biological therapies includes dental cleanings with ozone, ozone therapy for cavities, gums, ears and nasal, safe mercury and amalgam removal, removal of cavitations in the jawbone, extraction of root canal treated teeth, cosmetic dentistry and reconstructive surgery, removal of wisdom teeth and bone regeneration, biocompatible metal free zirconium crowns and implants, biocompatible materials testing, sleep apnea and growth appliances, and ClearCorrect orthodontic treatment for straightening teeth. 

Naples Family Dentist uses platelet-rich fibrin (PRF), which allows patients to take full advantage of their body’s natural healing capacity. In PRF therapy, the patient’s own blood is drawn in the office and spun in a centrifuge to isolate the concentrate of platelets and growth factors which are strategically reintroduced into the body, helping to grow and heal the bone. The concentrated platelet portion of the blood contains three to five times the healing power of normal blood to enhance healing. 

Dr. Mabe also treats symptoms of the temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ), the joint that connects the lower jaw to the rest of the head, and neuromuscular dysfunction using treatments that restore the function and form of the entire mouth. He also treats ischemic osteonecrosis, a disease resulting in the death of bone cells caused by poor blood supply. In addition. he performs sinus lifts, a procedure in which the surgeon increases the amount of bone in the upper jaw. If dental implants are needed and patients lack support in the jawbone, a sinus lift may be needed.

A holistic approach to dentistry helps to maintain health through prevention and treatment of oral disease as a vital element of an individual’s overall health and wellness. Oral health plays a critical role in disease prevention, longevity and healthier living. Biological dentistry is metal free, toxin free and natural. Experience dentistry naturally and holistically to know the difference.

Naples Family Dentist is located at 877 111th Ave., Ste. N #3, in Naples. For more information, call 239-566-7737 or visit