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Natural Awakenings Naples and Fort Myers

Nolan Offers Post-Op and Other Wellness Services

Licensed Massage Therapist Dianne Nolan, of Tough Love Wellness, in Naples, provides mobile cannabidiol medical massages women’s wellness coaching throughout Southwest Florida and other services especially for those recovering from orthopedic or plastic surgery procedures and dealing with other ailments such as grief. Post-operation lymphatic drainage typically entails three to 10 sessions within two to six weeks. She also helps those with long COVID, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, Lyme disease and lupus, along with enabling somatic release of pent-up emotions and aiding athletes looking to recover more quickly from injuries.

 Post-op service appointments are often booked at the time of surgery; grief massages focus on improving nervous system regulation; cupping helps boost circulation and diminishes the appearance of cellulite; and manual lymphatic drainage for detoxing is suggested at least once a month for ongoing health maintenance. Nolan explains that one session won’t undo years of neglect and abuse. “Our lymphatic system is basically our body’s garbage disposal, and it doesn’t move if we don’t move. There’s a lot of misinformation on the topic out there.” For appointments and more information, call 239-399-0314, email [email protected] or visit
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