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Natural Awakenings Naples and Fort Myers

Personal Assistant & Household Manager

Busy entrepreneurs, working spouses or extended family households can rely on Cindy Bisanti, owner of Everybody Needs a Cindy, as a trusted assistant in accomplishing meaningful, sometimes tedious tasks. As a personal and household assistant, Bisanti is available three days of the week for mornings or afternoons for shopping errands, making travel arrangements or reservations, organizing and managing home improvement projects, assisting in event planning and more.

“When elderly parents are at home, it becomes demanding for working families to take care of them in the midst of their busy schedules. They cannot be left unattended, as they need constant care and companionship. In such cases, another scope of my business is being responsible for all tasks relating to their welfare, and I can keep them attended and in good company. Having a Personal Assistant means less stress and better overall mental and physical health for all involved.”

Cost varies. For more information, call 239-202-3151 or email [email protected].