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Naples Center for Functional Medicine Adds New Service

Naples Center for Functional Medicine has expanded its Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) services to include bioidentical, plant-derived HRT administered by tiny pellets inserted under the skin. This long-established procedure helps balance testosterone levels in men and testosterone and estrogen levels in women, helping improve libido and decrease fatigue and menopausal mood swings. The use of pellets provides steady, predictable and time-released dosages compared to other methods of delivering HRT, including creams, pills and patches.

“Pellet hormone replacement therapy allows us to more effectively treat these common conditions of aging with steadier, more predictable results,” says Dr. Lina Sakr, a functional medicine, anti-aging and women’s health specialist at the practice certified through the American Board of Internal Medicine. “Patients can expect fewer hormonal fluctuations compared to oral or topical administration, along with the personalized attention and whole-health approach that sets the Naples Center for Functional Medicine apart.”

Location: 800 Goodlette Rd., Ste. 270. For appointments and more information, call 239-649-7400 or visit

Naples Center for Functional Medicine - 800 Goodlette Rd Ste 270 Naples FL

Naples Center for Functional Medicine - 800 Goodlette Rd Ste 270, Naples, FL

Dr. Lindsey Berkson MA, DC, CNS, DACBN, CAN is a hormone scholar and functional medicine specialist focusing on hormones, anti-aging and medical nutrition at Naples Center for Functional ... Read More »