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Awakenings: The Healing Power of Love

Lisa Doyle easily recalls some of the details of her wake-up call 19 years ago. Seeing double, feeling extremely tired and like her brain was fuzzy, losing her hearing in her left ear, and in a permanent state of vertigo, Doyle made an appointment with her doctor, who recommended a brain scan. It came back negative. The next appointment was with a neuro-ophthalmologist that sent her for a brain and opti scan. The results were negative, prompting her doctor to request an MRI, which showed four brain lesions. “He diagnosed me with multiple sclerosis and told me I would end up in a wheelchair,” says Doyle. 

Refusing the diagnosis, the doctor informed Doyle that she was in denial. Pointing to the four lesions on the scan, he responded, “Here are your lesions. They may be old, but nonetheless, you have MS.” After a 30-minute pity party, Doyle set a clear intention to overcome the illness. “Leaving with the scans and doctor’s words, ‘Tthey may be old,’, ringing in my ears, I began reflecting on how this situation had come about. I’d believed that whatever manifested in my physical body was connected to my mental and spiritual bodies. More reflection shook loose a memory of one year earlier. I’d received profoundly bad news from a family member, which left me feeling grief and abandonment. I’d continued clinging to the baggage and resentment, which had only harmed me. I identified the four people in my life that I’d been holding hostage with my harboring of bitterness and anger. I named the four lesions. Two of them were my caretakers. Radical forgiveness was the first tool I chose for my toolbox,” says Doyle.

Natural Awakenings magazine became the resource guide that for Doyle used to find health practitioners. She declared herself an open channel to receive what she needed to know for her highest good. “That’s when the gifts began to flow,” she advises. Friends and clients dropped off literature, made health drinks and gave massages. Her parents cooked and, helped with her 9-year-old son. A company she previously worked for in Brooklyn , New York took up a collection and sent her thousands of dollars because she had no health insurance. “The best gift was the love I allowed into my world. I couldn’t believe I’d pushed it out for so long,” recalls Doyle.

Being bedridden with relentless exhaustion allowed Doyle to be the recipient of unconditional love. “If I didn’t change from the inside- out, I knew my body would continue to deteriorate and take control of my life. I found that unacceptable. My healing journey included reaching out for help, a big stretch for me. Every time I got a helping hand or words of encouragement, I was beyond grateful. The more grateful I was, the more gits gifts came to me, including a woman named Elizabeth, who owned a wellness center in Northport. 

Elizabeth helped Doyle explore alternative therapies such as biofeedback, acupuncture, herbs and opening her heart to what she needed to know for her highest good. “Eight weeks after my diagnosis and first treatment with her, my eye patch was irritating me. I took it off and was able to see. Elizabeth created a nutritional plan, affirmations and spiritual exercises that would enable me to tap into my core and heal. I continued my forgiveness work and set personal boundaries. After two months, my symptoms were disappearing. I never went back to the doctor,” advises Doyle.

Today, Doyle is symptom- free. “When I get a popping in my left ear, the ear I lost hearing in, I know it’s my body telling me to stop and figure out what changes I need to make. Clear intentions, willingness, surrender, forgiveness and gratitude enabled me to heal. There was no one silver bullet. It was a combination of therapies, personal work and affirmations. Now in my business, Blue Star Biofeedback, I recommend any of them, because I’ve used them, and I know they can work for others,” she says.

Blue Star Biofeedback - Serving Lee  Collier Counties Fort Myers FL

Blue Star Biofeedback - Serving Lee Collier Counties, Fort Myers, FL

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