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MY Self Wellness and Ketamine

Jan 31, 2024 10:00AM ● By Linda Sechrist

Voted The Best in Alternative Medicine in Bonita Springs for the last two years and touting their success with the therapeutic use of psychedelic therapy, MY Self Wellness has been opening their doors to anyone seeking relief from their mental health struggles through ketamine therapy. 

MY Self Wellness has been in business for four years during which they have been featured in large publications and media outlets such as The Wall Street Journal, CNBC’s Money Court with Kevin O’Leary and Bethanny Frankel, and Oprah Daily. “We’ve treated at least 1,000 people, helping them in transcending their traumas and letting go of obstacles on the physical, psychological and spiritual levels. This is significant because mental health care is in crisis. We have rising rates of depression, anxiety, suicide and eating disorders,” Chief Education Officer and brand ambassador Charles Patti advises.

Results from a recent nationwide survey, Stress in America 2023, conducted by The Harris Poll on behalf of American Psychological Association (APA), reveals that among more than 3,000 U.S. adults 18 and older, U.S. society is experiencing the psychological impacts of a collective trauma in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to Arthur C. Evans Jr., Ph.D., APA’s chief executive officer, “The pandemic created a collective experience among Americans. While the early pandemic lockdowns may seem like the distant past, the aftermath remains. We cannot ignore the fact that we have been significantly changed by the loss of more than 1 million Americans, as well as the shift in our workplaces, school systems and culture at large. To move toward post-traumatic growth, we must first identify and understand the psychological wounds that remain.”

Survey results indicate that adults ages 35 to 44 experienced the highest increase in mental health diagnoses—45 percent reported a mental illness in 2023, compared with 31 percent in 2019. Adults ages 18 to 34 reported the highest rate of mental illness at 50 percent in 2023. 

“One of the most talked-about benefits of ketamine for treating anxiety disorder is how quickly it works in helping remedy many unwanted symptoms. Unlike other anxiety treatment options that take weeks or months to feel a difference, the effects of ketamine therapy can be felt within a few hours of the first treatment,” says MY Self Awareness President and founder Christina Thomas Christina Thomas.

Referred to as the biggest breakthrough in mental health treatment in more than 50 years, ketamine-assisted therapy is considered the safest and quickest path to seeing past traumas from a new perspective. Ketamine physically remaps and restructures the neural pathways in the brain, enabling neuroplasticity, or new neuron connections in the brain, turns on receptors which create dopamine and releases the neurotransmitter glutamate. This sets off a chain reaction within the brain which affects thinking and emotional regulation.

The brain reacts to ketamine in a way that triggers hormones that help create feelgood emotions. This effect occurs quickly after a person receives their treatment, but some people may need several treatments before they experience the highest level of benefits. There is a connection between healing our trauma and rewiring our nervous system. Psychedelics can be a useful tool when administered in a safe setting, incorporating integrative practices that assist the individual in the long term. “The journey is not in the medicine, but where it takes what we have experienced and brings it into daily practice,” says Patti.

He explains, “Ketamine calms the mind and shuts down the thinking process, making it an excellent tool for meditation. You can achieve in an hour what it takes a Buddhist monk years of meditation to achieve. We are about a personal touch and holding our client’s hand through their wellness journey. In the soothing ambiance of our facility, we combine the healing benefits of ketamine with new lifestyle practices for a full mental reset. We help you get back to wellness so you can live a happy and joy-filled life again.”

MY Self Wellness is located at 3541 Bonita Bay Blvd., Ste. 200, in Bonita Springs. For more information, call 239-908-9958 or visit