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Sue Mahany: Coincidences and Signposts on Life’s Journey

Jan 31, 2024 10:00AM ● By Lisa Marlene

For Sue Mahany, former Natural Awakenings affiliate publisher in Atlanta and owner of Spark Health Technologies, in Naples, synchronicities aren’t coincidences, they are signposts that show up in her life to let her know life is moving in the right direction. She rports, “The word synchronicity was planted in my consciousness some years ago, after reading one of Dr. Deepak Chopra’s books, Synchrodestiny: Harnessing the Infinite Power of Coincidence to Create Miracles.

Mahany says,” Early in my marriage to Walt, a pilot, we were living in an apartment in Michigan with two small kids. He was applying to major airlines, but flying car parts to factories around the world for Ford. Logically, it was not the right time to buy a house and settle into the area, but the kids were growing and the apartment was small, with no outdoor play area. We decided to buy a house, even though we might move at any time for his work. After closing on the house, I emailed our new address to my dad, who was a Realtor in Florida. He quickly replied to my email and said, ‘You're not going to believe this. I know that address because the person you bought that house from is someone that I just sold a condo to in Englewood, Florida. What a coincidence that is.’”

She recalls, “I remember thinking, ‘That’s not a coincidence, that’s a sign.’ My questions about whether we should have bought a house at that time were answered. After my dad’s news, I felt confident that we’d made the right call. Eight weeks later, Walt got the job that he wanted. The house allowed us to live really well and left us with great friends and equally great memories. The house sold for more than we bought it to help make the next move to Atlanta with ease.

“Another synchronistic signpost showed up about five years later, when we were hiking in New Hampshire. Walt wanted to scale a mountain that I considered too difficult. I wasn’t up for, it so he hiked and I went to a nearby cafe to hang out. While there, an intense heat came in the center of one of my hands, bringing my attention to my hands. I kept looking around to see if the sun was shining in or some kind of heat source was under the table or something. I found nothing. At the time I was searching for the ‘next thing’ in my life, questioning what direction, what next step was I going to take in my career of holistic health after selling my Natural Awakenings magazine in Atlanta. We had moved from Atlanta to Vermont. We moved a lot.”

Mahany explains, “I was always in my head, thinking and ruminating, trying to figure things out, relying far less on my body’s wisdom and intuition. Although I was startled by the sign, I knew that if I really wanted to understand the body, I had to put my hands on it, learn about anatomy, how the physical body worked and what it needed. I couldn’t be in my head all the time. I had done some research on Edgar Cayce’s work and read many of his readings. What he consistently recommended over and over was iodine, chiropractic and massage. I’d published Natural Awakenings magazine and read articles about massage therapists that talked about the benefits of massage, so I was already in the realm of natural healing. I thought massage was a nice, relaxing thing, but didn’t realize how powerful it was. Cayce’s readings noted that regular massages could reduce illnesses by two-thirds. I thought that was craziness to have such a significant reduction from something as simple as touch. But the two signposts were pointing to my hands and Cayce’s writings. I enrolled in massage school.

“Fast forward 15 years later: we were now living in Naples, and I had opened a business doing detoxification of the body using different technologies. I was considering buying a frequency machine, which I believed was the future of medicine. I flew to Utah to learn about the AO Scan, which was developed by one of the owners of the ozone sauna that I operate now. As I arrived and got in line in the middle of nowhere, Utah, for the training, there was a massage therapist, Jonathan, that works in my building here in Naples. We’d barely ever talked and had no conversations about frequency machines. There were maybe 400 or more people at that conference, so not only was it bizarre that he was there, but that I was in line directly behind him within five minutes of arriving. Another synchronistic sign.

“Jonathan and I sat at the same table and became friends. He told me about the PanAmerican University of Natural Sciences and Medicine, which is how he learned of the machine. It’s a school where I am now enrolled. I knew that if I was truly going to help people, I had to have an understanding that mind body spirit medicine cannot be separated. You can’t work on one without the others. This is what I’m learning there, in my second semester. My next step and sign came from Jonathan. I’ve had so many more of these kinds of synchronistic signs, too many to name or remember. I’m just recalling some significant ones.

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