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Natural Awakenings Naples and Fort Myers

Special Offer at Herbaluxe Organic Skincare

Herbaluxe Organic Skincare, in Naples, specializes in Eastern beauty therapies, facial sculpting and natural facial rejuvenation. Their nourishing, therapeutic massage and facial therapies incorporate organic, whole-plant ingredients infused with the power of nature.

“We champion the philosophy of slow beauty—the art of aging with grace, embracing every phase of life and harnessing the pow- er of nature and nourishment,” says Nadia Barsamian, founder and holistic facialist. “The effects of our facial therapies are not only seen externally; they are felt deep within. More than just a skin enhancer, Herbaluxe is a haven for your mind and body.”

Barsamian notes, “During consultations, we delve deeper than skin types. We want to understand you, to align our treatments with your personal journey. It’s about giving you the opportunity to relax on a neurological level. In a world where societal standards often shadow our self-worth, remember this: You are inherently beautiful, unique and enough just as you are.”

Herbaluxe is offering Natural Awakenings readers a free guasha or LED enhancement to their next service. Location: 1575 Pine Ridge Rd. (in Mission Square Plaza, inside Poetry Salon & Suites), Ste. 15, Studio 9. For more information or to make an appointment, call 239-387-2549, email [email protected] or visit