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Where Luxury and Medical Skin Care Meet

Mar 31, 2024 06:30AM ● By Linda Sechrist

Aspiring to create an oasis of rejuvenation, serious skincare and beauty, Teresa Kontos opened Soluna Medical Aesthetics last September in Bonita Springs next to Innovative Dermatology, which is owned by her husband, Dr. Andrew Kontos. He serves as the medical director for the aesthetics business. Together, they provide a harmonious blend of medical expertise and luxurious pampering.

While Innovative Dermatology has built a reputation for medical dermatology, specializing in treating skin cancers, acne, eczema and psoriasis, Soluna Medical Aesthetics takes a pampering approach. “We're all about giving clients an experience of luxury in a space that invites them to rest, rejuvenate and relax. We cater to a clientele seeking not only top-notch skin care, but also a transformative experience for body and soul,” says Teresa.

Soluna Medical Aesthetics offers a selection of cosmetic, aesthetic and body treatments, as well as eyelash extensions and brow shaping and waxing. Renowned brands such as SkinCeuticals and FarmHouse Fresh Organics are used in facial treatments and are available for purchase to maintain beautiful faces.

The center is able to address many skin concerns such as scarring and melasma, a discoloration of the skin that appears on a woman’s face during pregnancy. Teresa explains, “We have an array of treatments that can address these issues from chemical peels and laser therapies to microneedling. They provide comprehensive solutions for clients seeking to enhance their skin’s appearance.”

Dr. Kontos handles the injections for Botox, fillers and platelet-rich plasma. “He is a highly respected, board-certified Mohs micrographic and cutaneous oncology surgeon,” Teresa says. “He also does the innovative lunchtime facelift, EuroThread, known for being minimally invasive.” EuroThreads are biodegradable polydioxanone sutures that stimulate collagen and elastin production. Used in the biomedical industry, particularly in pediatric cardiothoracic surgery, they are absorbed within 12 months, and the effects last for one to three years. This lunchtime facelift option is a gentle, yet effective way to support, firm and tighten the skin without the discomfort associated with traditional procedures.

In addition to skincare treatments, Soluna Medical Aesthetics offers a serene meditation room  equipped with yoga mats, meditation pillows, crystal and Tibetan bowls, crystal pyramids, a grandmother drum, chimes and a gong. The room is designed to be a haven for those seeking inner peace. Teresa offers two weekly sound-bath meditation sessions, but envisions hosting more as the business grows, emphasizing her commitment to not just outer beauty, but also the nurturing of the soul.

At Soluna Medical Aesthetics, the fusion of luxury, advanced skincare and spiritual well-being creates an experience that goes beyond the surface. It is a place where each visit promises not only a treatment, but a journey of self-care and renewal.

Soluna Medical Aesthetics is located at 8800 Bernwood Pkwy, Ste. 2, in Bonita Springs. To make an appointment or for more information, call 239-317-2940 or visit

Soluna Medical Aesthetics - 8800 Bernwood Parkway Unit 2  Bonita Springs FL

Soluna Medical Aesthetics - 8800 Bernwood Parkway, Unit 2 , Bonita Springs, FL

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