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My Florida Green: On a Mission to Change the World…One Medical Cannabis Card at a Time

Apr 30, 2024 06:30AM ● By Mary-Elizabeth Schurrer

The mere mention of cannabis can raise controversial dialogue. But for the estimated one in four Americans who use medical marijuana to alleviate chronic pain (JAMA Network Open Journal, 2023), this treatment option could revitalize their quality of life. Some even find cannabis to be more effective than regular opioids. 

That’s what Nick Garulay learned when he set out to talk to patients about their unique experiences with the health benefits and practical accessibility of cannabis use back in 2016. Those conversations led him to create My Florida Green, a virtual software platform that streamlines the entire medical marijuana qualification process. Now seven years later, he is helping thousands of patients across this state achieve natural, sustainable pain relief. Natural Awakenings interviewed Garulay for this edition.

Tell us about your professional background?

I originally started out in the exotic car industry. While working in this business, I built an inventory management platform to run all operations virtually. This custom-built software made me one of the top eBaymotors car dealers in the world, but I retired from that business in 2014—not because I was wealthy, but because I was suffering burnout from the constant grind. It just wasn’t fulfilling to sell Ferraris to millionaires anymore. 

What inspired you to use this knowledge and experience in software to help create more access to medical cannabis?

Personally, I was never into cannabis use—the substance just doesn’t agree with me. I have tried it, but I don’t enjoy the “high” sensation. But in 2015, I started working on an EMR (electronic medical records) platform, which I planned on licensing to doctors to streamline the patient intake experience. I’m always turned off when a front desk clerk hands a patient a clipboard, asking them to fill out several pages of information. 

By the end of 2016, while I was completing the telemedicine module of this software platform, I learned that legal access to medical marijuana could pass into Florida law. In response, I listed a splash page survey online to collect patient demographics and to see if they wanted marijuana access for specific health reasons. I initially planned to close this campaign once it reached 50 respondents, but over 500 patients submitted their information.

I called every person on this list to ask them how medical marijuana access could positively affect their well-being and quality of life. Each patient I interviewed was suffering from a debilitating condition. I quickly realized there was a huge need for easier access without all the barriers of entry. Moreover, I wanted to help.

Can you elaborate on the driving force behind your passion?  

I am on a mission to impact this Earth. I want to change the world in positive ways while I’m here and create a legacy that outlasts me. 

In 2017, I licensed the platform I built to four doctors who were certified to issue medical marijuana in the state of Florida. I connected the patients, whom I had built relationships with, to these doctors, then facilitated the entire intake process virtually. 

As I monitored each touchpoint between the doctor and patient, I began to realize just how flawed the healthcare system can be. I became concerned that these doctors were taking advantage of their patients while using my software and charging erroneous fees. So, I pulled the software back in order to launch and trademark My Florida Green. 

Moving forward, I chose to partner with doctors who saw my vision, and I built a robust patient management platform with a mobile app they could use anytime. I made an intentional choice to disrupt the conventional healthcare system with an accessible, user-friendly platform created to empower the individual patient, while maintaining doctor compliance. 

Excellent patient outcomes and five-star customer service ratings are at the core of My Florida Green. I am so proud of this company, and I am grateful for the 40,000-plus satisfied patients who still actively use this platform.

How does your software make it easier for doctors and patients to streamline the process of obtaining medical cannabis?

This platform initially acquires the patient through robust search engine optimization tools. Once in the system, each patient will then choose a location that best serves them. They’ll click on the “Get Started” tab to establish care with a physician of their choice. Once they register, this platform will educate a patient on the basic rules and regulations of how to qualify for medical marijuana, as well as how to incorporate cannabis into their lives. 

The platform’s onboarding process will obtain their medical records, help them file a medical application, and streamline all the steps to qualification. At a state level, medical marijuana applications can be archaic and confusing—both for doctors and patients. This often makes it difficult for physicians to integrate medical marijuana into their practices. As a result, many are not in compliance with the state law.

My Florida Green ensures that doctors and patients are in full compliance with these rules and regulations. Because we over-document each patient, we’re able to maintain successful outcomes and thorough analytics. For example, 67% of our patients cut back on prescription medications. 45% stop consuming alcohol and 85% improve their sleep quality, mood state and pain level. No other substance can produce statistics like these. 

What are the societal stigmas around cannabis that you've had to overcome to make it available to those who need it most? 

Of course, I am biased, but I think My Florida Green represents the medical marijuana space well. We do not feature pot leaves in our branding. Our staff members are healthy and clean-cut. Moreover, we’re entirely focused on positive health outcomes for our patients. This is not just a quick money grab for us. So, if you are thinking about cannabis for medical use, the most crucial fact to remember is, according to the U.S. Department of Justice, no reported fatalities have occurred from marijuana ingestion or overdose—none.  

If you’re interested in learning more about My Florida Green, please feel free to visit our website (listed below). If you’re interested in establishing care, simply click on “Get Started,” then choose the location that serves you. We look forward to establishing positive, long-term relationships with patients in need.

My Florida Green operates across the entire state of Florida, with convenient locations in Sarasota, Naples, St. Petersburg, Melbourne, Jacksonville and Hialeah. To check eligibility requirements, join the virtual platform, or obtain more information on how this process works, call 833-665-3279 or visit